Flashback 78

Film 16mm and 8mm, 1978 – 2014, format 4 : 3, colour, stereo, 21 min. 33 sec.

Vacanta 78 / Flashback 78

The film “Vacanta 78” is a historical and personal flashback that builds up through the eyes of others.
It is a cinematic experiment set in 1978 in the Romania of my childhood. With footage of Gudrun Boisseau, who came with her family as a tourist from France in 1978, and the commentary of the historian Professor Doru Uscatu, I reconstruct and deconstruct the period of my childhood in Romania under Ceausescu's dictatorship, a time when it was impossible for local citizens to take private pictures.

The subjective view of the camera and the historian's comments from the perspective of today configure a voyeuristic, almost personal view of the propaganda mechanisms in times under a dictatorship.

Excerpt: Synopsis by Aurelia Mihai